Oh boy! Or … yikes what next?

Spent last night in the hospital. Got home from grocery shopping and when I was trying to step up to the house from the garage, I lost my balance and fell backward to the garage. Well, I knew my foot was going to miss the mark when I was falling but I didn't get it out of the way quick enough and ended up breaking a bone on the outside and fracturing the inside.

I have a broken shoulder on the same side that I actually had scheduled for a shoulder replacement in 10 days. Now that is going to be rescheduled to who knows when.

In the mean time, I am going to a rehab facility where I will remain until I can gain enough strength in the good leg and arm, and the foot swelling goes down so they can operate. I'm back on Norco but they haven't needed to give me morphine since last night.

My husband was out of town getting his father to a rehab, to help him further as he recovers from pneumonia. So much going on I was actually worried for my hubster who has had a plateful of various events over the past few weeks.

Well, onward march. Only thing to do is keep moving.