Sunday Morning Report at Westlake

Things take time to get done around here. The first day I was very disappointed in the response time after putting in a call for pain meds or "other" needs. Turns out this is typical in a facility like this where they employ one nurse and one aid overnight and during the day I think they add a floater who goes between the wings or units.

Physical therapy won't start until Monday. They work 5 days a week. I can't leave this bed until a physical therapist says so.

Although I have learned to adjust the timing of my requests, i.e. don't wait until anything is urgent, it can still be frustrating.

I note the bedside manners of some of the aides varies and I try to keep in mind the work these folks do can be downright nasty and always in demand. These people who do the dirty work should be paid well and recognized for it. The fact that response takes time is not the fault of these workers, but the organization itself for not having enough staff. So I treat the aides with respect and gratitude, because they deserve it, usually. There are cases where an aide is just an asshole and I hope to the Creator the one I got when I was in the hospital is on vacation when I have to go back for surgery.

Tomorrow I am planning to meet with the social worker here to discuss and possibly arrange moving to a different facility. I wish I had researched the rehab facilities on the list that was given to me at the hospital, but I was so eager to get started with physical therapy in a rehab facility that I met with the available rep and just went with his organization. How could I know that there are differences in care and approaches?

Luckily the facility I am considering moving to is within a few miles from here, and so my hub is going to go over to visit it and see what it's like. A few things I liked about The Neighborhoods were the holistic approach of care (body, mind, emotions, spirit), available services, and proximity to the physicians office and hospital itself. I will learn more later today, hopefully positive!

Fingers crossed for the best outcome in care and met needs,