Monday Morning at the Rehab Facility

I certainly know my medical history well enough. Asked the same questions by everyone, I feel like I should just document it and pass hand-outs around.

I asked to have a basin brought in so I could at least sponge bath. I had the hub bring in waterless shampoo but honestly, is it really cleaning anything without rinsing? I'm just grossed out. I am scheduled to have a "real" shower some time today. Wow that is going to be a treat! It's an adjustment being in a facility like this. I don't have anything to compare to, but I still feel they could do better about many things.

It gets me thinking about the quality of care for rehab patients, seniors and other vulnerable populations. The rescuer in me wonders if there is advocacy, case management, and accountability for all personnel in this field, and if it is present how effective is it? That train of thought can lead to all sorts of places and stops along the way. I think too, that because healthcare is a business, that many places try to keep costs down in as many areas as possible. That is common sense, but quality patient care should not suffer.

The facility I am transferring to (hopefully it's covered or that's a bust) looks good on paper and my husband also went to tour the facility as well. Based on his tour, and what I read on their website and brochure, I still feel that it's going to be a good move for me and that things are just going to go better overall. My gut feeling and certainly my hope is that quality, patient-centered care is the focus and that they meet or exceed what they market about their facility. The ball is rolling and in the hands of the current facility's social worker.

PS. I'm told I am a pretty decent "cook" … it's not unreasonable that the foods are going to lean towards bland in comparison. I'm really grateful for salt & pepper is all I can say about that. 🙂