Tuesday Wrap-up

Finally made it out into the geriatric population at lunch time. Been a while since I was the youngster in the room. I sat with two gentlemen that were very quiet despite my attempts at small-talk. It’s ok. I’ll join the rest of “the kids” and text at the dinner table or read an e-book.

It was great to get out the confinement of my room. Outside of my four walls the decor is actually nice, though it’s a bit old school. I think it probably appeals to the general population of WL. I’ll call it “mainstream hotel”, all the way to the particle board footboard that is hanging lopsided on my bed.

Before lunch I had physical therapy for my good arm. The PT Belle is vibrant and very strong for a woman her size. She might weigh 100 pounds, rain-soaked. She got me through a rough start to my morning and actually is behind the get out the room endeavor. Very likable and obviously good at what she does.

After PT and a quick tour of the (relatively) younger rehabilitation wing where I was shown my new larger and brighter room, should I change my mind and remain with WL, I went back to my room. Belle went to grab bags for me to pack my things, seemingly assured that I was going to stay here. I thanked her and let her know I was undecided, which by this time of the day, I actually was at the point of reconsidering.

On the way to see my orthopedic surgeon I called TNWL to ask them specifics about physical therapy and how active they are with the complementary therapies. That really has become the deciding factor for me because here at W.Lake or TNWL, the key is going to be overall care including marks for personnel, and particularly favorable the methods to achieve the PT goals. I find value in the PT I have received so far, and I’m sore enough to know my muscles are waking up! But alas, I’m going forward with the transfer and feel good about that decision.

After setting up the ankle surgery for Thursday (shoulder surgery is now postponed until mid-October), the transfer to TNWL will take place after I am discharged from the hospital.

As I close out my Tuesday, I smile to myself as I recall the early afternoon sun on my skin and the refreshing summer breeze blowing through my hair.

Oh how I love Summer; and I think there’s a pretty good chance that Summer 2018 is going to be not only better, but more than likely, pretty dang awesome.