Something In the Air …

Seemed like there was no shortage of cranky elders as well as staff. It got on my nerve enough to want to hole up in these four walls. Not completely though, as I had my room window opened to let some of the fresh summer air in.

Light PT with Saeed on the right leg tonight. I also took the initiative earlier (aka I got tired of waiting), and wheeled myself back to my room from lunch, using only my right leg and occasionally steering with my good arm. I stopped a few times to rest but I did it. šŸ™‚

Finally got to use the pot instead of the bedpan. I was highly motivated because its hard enough to do #1 on a bedpan and clean up after that! Ugh! Progress, indeed .. not once but twice! The assistants need to be taught those techniques to help people from the wheelchair to the pot. I repeat that the people who do this sort of care/work should be paid well. They compare employee turnaround to revolving doors as many people leave after collecting their paycheck. I don’t wonder why. It can be dangerous as well as back straining work. Even Belle from PT said her back was strained after a patient failed to follow through on “3” (1, 2, 3 go!), and another aide had to see a dr after being attacked by a combative patient.

So a lot of “stuff” in the air overall, it seems.

Maybe it’s the gooey crap dripping off the current political climate; maybe it’s the moon, the upcoming mercury retrograde, the eclipse or even the meteor shower! Whatever it is, this day is nearly over, and we’ve survived and even thrived amidst the hell storms.

Probably a good thing surgery isn’t until tomorrow. I landed wrong transferring from the wheelchair to the bed and hurt my neck and shoulders. No need to push anything!

Surgery seems like an easy in and out, or at least outpatient. I’ll be returning to W.L. after all, going to a “better suite”. Guess I just adapted to the slow flow and timing and I wasn’t getting an answer from TNWL. It just seemed less problematic to remain.
It would crack me up though if I woke up post op on my way to TNWL after all! šŸ˜‚

Oh …. And I know I’m not alone, even when I was sulking earlier. I thank Spirit for the vivid signs from across the Bridge. It was startling and wonderful. #alwaysandforever



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