A Quiet Day, 24 Hours Post-op (Ankle)

Last night was incredibly rough, pain wise. In addition to Percocet, I was given injections of Dilaudin about every 2 hours on the average, until the night nurse suggested Percocet with the NSAID Toradol, which she got approved for one dose to see how I responded. It was a great combination and around 3-4 a.m., I was finally able to sleep longer than 2 hours without waking and crying in pain.

PT visited and helped me into a chair. I didn’t know they were going to leave me there until I called the aide or nurse for help. However, it was nice to get up out of the bed for a bit, though a walk in the sunshine might have been nice.

The orthopedic surgeon said I could have been discharged today, but I needed to know that I wasn’t going to be in excruciating pain like last night. I remain here one more night and tomorrow go to the new facility that was named The Sanctuary. Not sure why the name was changed to something more corporate, even though they are “non profit”. The holistically-minded approach to care certainly suits the prior name of The Sanctuary. I’m looking forward to going there, anyway. So that is scheduled for Saturday, though I do not know what time yet.

And finally, it is noted that healing came quickly as I recovered from Chiari Decompression surgery. My son and I were talking about. And now, I think it is quite possible that I will recover from this ankle issue in record time, though I will surely follow PT / OT instructions to strengthen and tone up everything and not get out there and jump rope anytime soon! 😀

Last IV dose of the Toradol about 45 minutes ago. Percocet in just over an hour, awake or asleep; pain management.

The husband popped in for all of 5 minutes today. He’s fairly scarce these days; lot’s going on in his family and his own mental health. I think he needs to do what he needs to do. It sucks sometimes because he’s not coming around much. However, I know that I am not alone and that has made all the difference in the world. (Muah!)

For Family who are never far:

Starting to nod again, meaning time to sign off.