When Hope Begins to Crumble

I am usually a positive person or have tried to be in so many instances. It’s hard to remain positive after reading the seemingly hopeless posts of the support groups for those with Chiari Malformation. So many people are in much pain and suffering, and there are few stories with good reports, post-op. Are the truly successful surgeries just not reporting their well-being? What are the real possibilities?

Maybe the Facebook version of support groups is really where people just come to share the pain and suffering of current and ongoing symptoms?

I’m growing quite concerned because if a Chiari Decompression just brings on a different set of problems equally or worse than the current daily pain and problems, I actually wonder if it’s worth it. The real questions on my mind are, will the quality of life improve? What can I expect after surgery, based on my current level of degeneration? What happens if I opt out of surgery?

I am going to get a second opinion. The neurosurgeon I have lined up for this surgery is actually well-qualified, but I need to hear it from another source to be sure I am doing what’s best for me.

Until I know more, I am going to consider foregoing surgery as an option, perhaps with alternative pain management.