Three Weeks Post-Op

Pain management: Norco every 6 to 8 hours. The current plan is to introduce Tramadol, a non-narcotic pain med, probably over the weekend. The doctor’s office said to try switching out Norco with Tramadol every other dose to see how well the pain is managed with it, and if it is effective enough, phase out Norco.

Norco makes me drowsy, but it seems intermittent.

Diet: I’m on a normal diet.  Once a day, I enjoy a green smoothie that starts with a handful of greens, frozen fruit, protein powder, greens powder, and coconut water and sometimes with a splash of Jumex, a flavorful juice nectar.

I still have trouble swallowing; maybe it will get better over time. Time will tell.

Activity: Fairly limited to taking things slow yet. Balance is still off; some may be partly due to the Norco, but it was a pre-op condition too, though now when I stand I feel head rushes that feel like I might topple over or pass out.

Going to the grocery store the other day was a bit much, a lot of getting up and down from the scooter cart. I went out again yesterday and it was fine but the movement of the car seems to be a factor in aggravating symptoms.

Yesterday and today, we dug up my art supplies, scattered here and there throughout the house. Art therapy has always been a joyful way to let off steam, pushing those brushes and paints around on a blank canvas.

Well, Norco seems to be kicking in. I’m feeling drowsy once more so end this post now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll talk about what a grouch I was yesterday. I ended up apologizing to my mother for it.

“You were right, mom, I’m sorry for being an asshole to you.” It took me a few to step up to the plate to tell her she was right and I was sorry for being such a prig. I’m glad I did though. For both of us. I love you, ma! ❤